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Apple Releases Automator 1.0.1

Apple has released Automator 1.0.1 today, as part of the OS X Tiger 10.4.2 update. These actions have been updated: Add Files to Playlist, Add Songs to Playlist, Import Photos into iPhoto, New Mail Message and Run Shell Script.

The Automator update to 1.0.1 specifically addresses these issues:

  • Fixed debugging issue with AppleScript and Automator actions.
  • Automator Playlist fix – This is for all those iTunes workflows where Automator would beachball when trying to access the playlists.
  • Automator iPhoto fix – Same as above, iPhoto workflows that tried to access albums would cause Automator to beachball.
  • Automator shell script fix
  • Automator new Mail message fix – “Send Outgoing Messages” didn’t work; this is corrected.

If you have any observations regarding this update, both in terms of the listed fixes as well as potentially un-documented ones, let us know here or in the forums.


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  1. How do you schedule an iTunes playlist to play at a certain time? I’m running a college radio station and need to schedule certain genre based playlists to play at hour intervals, back-to-back. Also, I need to be able to program this 24 hours in advance. Any ideas? I appreciate it.


    Comment by Myles Wallace — July 9, 2007 @ 3:42 pm

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