Complete Digital Photography Updates Actions

Ben Long at Complete Digital Photography has updated his suite of terrific Photoshop Actions with two new ones

Fit Image. Executes Photoshop’s Fit Image script.
Filter From EXIF. Filters the current batch of pictures based on EXIF criteria. Allows you, for example, to only process images shot at a particular ISO.


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  1. Thanks for the coverage, guys.

    In addition to the two you mentioned, I posted Filter from Orientation this morning. This allows you to filter your batch based on whether or not images are portrait or landscape. I’m finding this Filter approach is a way to get around Automator’s lack of logic and branching.

    For resizing, setting up a workflow that tests for a particular Orientation and then resizes works a little better than using the Fit Image action. Because Fit Image relies on GUI Scripting, it sometimes has trouble keeping up with how quickly Photoshop is opening documents. I’m thinking it might need some delays put into it to make it work better, but I’m open to opinions.

    Comment by Ben Long — May 7, 2005 @ 3:30 pm

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