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  1. Ok… so this workflow looks EXACTLY like what I’m after… find QT’s in a folder, compress them, move the result, and delete the original.. now if only I could get it to work….

    Step 1. deleted the generic movie icon and replaced with a path to a particular folder(testmov)

    Step 2. no changes

    Step 3. no changes

    Step 4. Replaced original with “Compress QuickTime using Most Recent Settings” since I can’t find the original item onlin, with “Compress.. most recent”. Chose directory for converted files as Desktop>new and chose QuickTime movie(as opposed to MPEG4)

    Frankly, I was having so much trouble, I deleted the rest of the steps since they seem to deal with moving and deleting files..

    Anyway.. with the first 4 steps… nothing happens..

    Comment by Jeffrey — July 31, 2007 @ 1:54 pm

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