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QuicKeys X 3.1 Triggers Automator

Startly Technologies has released QuicKeys X 3.1. Along with Tiger compatibility, “Automator workflows can now be triggered and played within QuicKeys shortcuts.”



  1. Given the availability of GUI Scripting, what value-added does QuickKeys have? Is it just a simpler interface for what GUI Scripting does?

    Guess I don’t understand it.

    Comment by H-Dog — June 23, 2005 @ 5:25 pm

  2. QuicKeys is more of a one-stop shop for your automation needs. It can fire applescripts, it can initiate workflows or applescripts, it can incorporate either or both applescripts and workflows into its own sequences and trigger them with timers, time ranges, voice, hot keys, ical events, HID devices, etc. It has a toolbar system, a new softkeys palette launcher dohicky, and yes, it is a simpler GUI scripting system. Less experienced users get a consistent interface for all their GUI scripting needs, while the pros can use quickeys to not only automate processes with its own tools but to meld those with applescripts and workflows if so desired.

    Comment by Alan Eshelman — June 24, 2005 @ 3:53 pm

  3. Hm. Didn’t you just pretty much describe Automator?

    Comment by H-Dog — June 25, 2005 @ 4:50 pm

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