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Scheduling Workflows with Energy Saver

MacWorld has a brief tutorial on how to “Turn your Mac into a musical alarm clock”. Aside from being a handy little workflow, it also illustrates how to schedule them to run when a sleeping Mac wakes up:

“Save this workflow as an application, open the Accounts preference pane in System Preferences, click the Login Items tab and drag your workflow to the login items list.

Open the Energy Saver preference pane, click the Schedule button, and choose the time to wake up your Mac. When it wakes up, the Automator workflow will run, telling your Mac to play the selected iTunes playlist.”



  1. I have tried this iTunes wake-up workflow and I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve followed the instructions to create the workflow but when my computer starts up I get nothing. Should Automator be running, can the computer just be sleeping and wakes up or do I have to shut it down. I feel I’m missing something, probably something simple. Thanks for any comments.

    Comment by David — May 6, 2006 @ 2:26 am

  2. Uh, login items get executed at LOGIN, not wakeup.

    Why not run it w/ cron or launchd?

    Comment by biru — May 13, 2006 @ 9:31 pm

  3. Is there a way to automatically run an automator workflow or script on wake-from-sleep? This could solve a much bigger problem than making the mac an alarrm clock.

    It could be used to write a script that would automatically mount network shares depending on where you are, by switching off of network location, wireless net name. The main example: automatically mounting your media server when you’re at home.

    Such a script would ideally be triggered any time the machine acquired a connection, but it would suffice if it ran on every login or wake-from-sleep. But no one know how to do this without hacking files within /System

    Comment by algal — May 29, 2006 @ 4:13 am

  4. I got it working doing this:

    1) Create the workflow as described in the tutorial 2) Save the workflow as an iCal plug-in (Save As Plug-in->iCal) 3) Adjust the time (in iCal) you want the alarm to begin 4) Set the mac to wake up 1 minute before in the Energy Saver settings


    Hope this helps Dave

    Comment by Dave — May 30, 2006 @ 6:09 pm

  5. Hi, you need to check that ical is running i think… it works on my imac

    Comment by John — June 16, 2006 @ 9:16 am

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