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System-Wide iPhoto Browser

From MacOSXHints (by way of Daring Fireball), a one-step Automator workflow that allows you to retrieve iPhoto images from within any application:

  1. Open Automator, and click iPhoto.
  2. From the list of actions, select Ask for Photos, and drag it to the right-hand pane.
  3. Save this as a plug-in, and select Script Menu (the script menu that displays in the menu bar) so it is accessible anywhere. (If this menu is not visible, launch the AppleScript Utility in /Applications/Applescript, and check ‘Show Script Menu in menu bar.’)

Next time you need a picture from your iPhoto library, select this action from the AppleScript menu, and you’ll have a media browser that lets you do so without opening iPhoto.



  1. Tried building this “iPhoto Browser” It does work, in letting you select images, but nothing else! I added a folder creation and copying actions, but I noticed something strange about comments. The copied files do not have the spotlight comments that were in the original files – Is there a finder copy items action that also copies the comments to the new file?

    Comment by Bill — September 3, 2006 @ 4:09 pm

  2. […] As the image is no longer showing in Ben’s post… in iPhoto, go to the View menu and select show film rolls. This will display all the photos in the Library as belonging to the "roll" they were imported with. Click the disclosure triangle next to a roll’s name to collapse the roll and hide the images. If you do it for all the rolls, then no images will display when you launch iPhoto. The alternative is to bypass iPhoto altogether if you are just wanting to select a few photos for use in other apps in OS X 10.4: Automator World : Archive ยป System-Wide iPhoto Browser __________________ 15" PowerBook 1.5GHz, SuperDrive, 5400rpm 80GB, 1.5GB RAM/128MB VRAM, MacOS X 10.4.8 Please visit The Land Gallery for nature-inspired British Fine Art. […]

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