Automated Workflows Releases More Actions

[Automated Workflows]( has released new Automator Actions for Photoshop, FileMaker, InDesign and iPhoto. They may be [downloaded]( and purchased individually or as "Action Packs."

Actions available:

**Photoshop Actions**

- Add IPTC Captions to Photoshop Documents
- Apply Unsharp Mask to Photoshop Documents
- Apply Watermark to Photoshop Documents
- Assign Color Profile to Photoshop Documents
- Close Photoshop Documents
- Flip Photoshop Documents
- New Photoshop Document
- Open Images in Photoshop
- Resize Photoshop Documents
- Rotate Photoshop Documents
- Save Photoshop Documents
- Trigger Photoshop Action
- Trim Photoshop Documents

**InDesign Actions**

- Open Documents in InDesign
- Place Images in InDesign Document
- Place Text in InDesign Document
- Save InDesign Document

**FileMaker Pro Actions**

- Extract Field Data From Found Set

**iPhoto Actions**

- Find iPhoto Item Paths



  1. Automated Workflows has some nice actions but they are obviously looking to make a quick buck with their pricings. Once more developers start focusing on Automator actions these guys will be smashed.

    Comment by Mark Davis — May 5, 2005 @ 4:00 pm

  2. That may be, but it is a supply and demand situation right now. Even if/when the big boys (aka Adobe) offer up a suite of actions that nullify 3rd party efforts like this, there is plenty of room for developers to come up with unique actions that will be worth the price.

    Comment by Steve — May 5, 2005 @ 7:38 pm

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