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Automator World to Provide Exclusive Content for AUPN

apn_logo.pngAutomator World is pleased to announce a partnership with the newly launched [Aperture Users Professional Network]( (AUPN) to provide exclusive content for its website.

AUPN is a professional designed to help sharpen one's photographic skills and to improve the experience of working with Apple's [Aperture]( software. Automator World will provide the site with original articles and blog posts, along with sharing materials available at Automator World.

We're excited about teaming up with the AUPN. They have some great programs in place, and our content will benefit both of our sites, as well as photographers who use Aperture worldwide. The first article, a two-part overview of Automator, is now [available]( Check it out!

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Automator World Turns Terrible Twos

Today, July 1st, is the second anniversary of Automator World. We opened our doors with the posting of the amazingly-cool and complicated workflow ["Convert Images to Sepia/640"]( At the time there wasn't much you could do with Automator beyond simple workflows like that, but the past two years have brought a great flood of 3rd party actions for both general use and specific applications.

Apple has been slowly tweaking the program, making it less buggy and more efficient (with a very good speed-up issue [just this week]( Here's hoping at the [August WWDC]( Steve Job's preview of Mac OS X Leopard will include a peek at a major upgrade of Automator.

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10,000 Users Can’t be Wrong…

[Jesse Hogie]( has taken note of something I missed; his workflow [Maintenance]( (recently updated to version 3.4) has surpassed the 10,000 mark for downloads here at AW. Maintenance is a great workflow, and clearly lots of people agree. Great work, Jesse!

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Server Upgrade

Automator World is in the process of upgrading to a bigger, faster server. Things might be a little funky here for a brief time, please bear with us. Thank you. **Update:** Migration completed. Booya.

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Automator World Server Upgrade

Automator World is in the process of migrating to a faster, more reliable server, so you may experience intermittent weirdness as the site propagates over the next day or so. Hopefully all will go smoothly, but we apologize in advance if you have any problems. Please [contact](/contact/) us if you're experiencing any problems that require attention.

**Update**: The migration is complete, and went pretty much without a hitch. There were some hiccups in the [forum](, but nothing major. Thanks for your patience.

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Automator World Updates…

It's been a crazy few days here at AW since the release of Tiger, and the response to this site has been overwhelming! This tells me people are really eager to get their hands wet with Automator. More »

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Workflows Updated

I've updated the two sample Workflows, [Email Images]( and [Convert to Sepia]( to work properly with the latest version of Automator. More interesting and useful Workflows will be coming soon!

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Site Updated!

Automator World's migration to WordPress is complete! As you can see, we've spruced up the place a bit, but it should feel more-or-less the same. If you have any problems, questions or comments regarding the update, please leave a comment or use our new contact form.

Note: This site relies heavily upon web standards and .PNG transparency to render correctly. If you are forced to use IE Windows, we feel your pain. If you use it voluntarily, well that's just silly. Use Safari or Firefox. Your eyes will thank you.