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Automator World to Provide Exclusive Content for AUPN

apn_logo.pngAutomator World is pleased to announce a partnership with the newly launched [Aperture Users Professional Network](http://apertureprofessional.com) (AUPN) to provide exclusive content for its website.

AUPN is a professional designed to help sharpen one's photographic skills and to improve the experience of working with Apple's [Aperture](http://apple.com/aperture) software. Automator World will provide the site with original articles and blog posts, along with sharing materials available at Automator World.

We're excited about teaming up with the AUPN. They have some great programs in place, and our content will benefit both of our sites, as well as photographers who use Aperture worldwide. The first article, a two-part overview of Automator, is now [available](http://www.apertureprofessional.com/showthread.php?t=312). Check it out!


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