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Griffin Technology’s Proxi

[Griffin Technology](http://www.griffintechnology.com/) has released a public beta of [Proxi](http://proxi.griffintechnology.com/), an application that "simplifies complicated tasks by acting as an intermediary between various parts of your system, even your network." Sound familiar?

Well, it does work somewhat like Automator in that you assemble "workflows" (called *Blueprints*) using "actions" (called *Triggers* and *Tasks*), but it's more akin to [QuicKeys](http://www.quickeys.com/products/quickeys.html) in terms of controlling system/application events, rather than Automator's focus on file processing.

Using Proxi is pretty [straightforward](http://proxi.griffintechnology.com/proxi_it.html), with a clean and attractive interface (although the liberal use of "brushed metal" is starting to feel dated). If you want a hot-key to launch an Automator workflow, for example, the included Applescript, file and application launching Triggers would fit the bill. There's also a [wiki](http://proxi.griffintechnology.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page) with more detailed information.


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